About us

We offer hockey badges to fans and collectors from all around the world.

Hockey is one of the most popular and spectacular sports within and outside Russia. A huge audience gathers together at stadiums or in front of TVs to watch matches on ice arenas. During world championships, Olympic Games and other international competitions fans support their favorite national teams.

Different accessories, like scarves, caps, and gadget cases, help to see their preferences. Besides, millions of people around the world are obsessed with collecting various hockey-related items and souvenirs: pennants, magnets, pucks... But only one thing can be both a hockey accessory and a hockey souvenir.

And that is a HOCKEY BADGE! We can see it in phalerists' collections, on fans' caps, and on coaches' jackets... A hockey badge is the brightest, the finest, and the most accessible item for anyone.

Our store is designed to make the communication between leading world manufacturers, collectors, and fans more comfortable. The FANPIN team is always searching for novelties, that’s why we offer to our customers only the best products and the range is constantly expanding.

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